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Your Freedom is my Motivation.

Your personality type is only a part of who you are. It's the part of you that developed to interface with the world around you, and it's been shaped by many factors. The strategies you've used to cope with life's challenges are now experienced by you as habitual ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving. The problem is, because they are habitual, they remain largely unconscious to us, and this is where many of our personal and relational problems lie.

The Enneagram helps recover the "you" that existed before any of these factors came into play. It's a journey back to your true self, so you can live more integrated, whole, and free.

A free you is a fruitful you living with purpose

An integrated you is life-giving to the people you care about the most

A true you experiences genuine connection and intimacy

A healthy disciple makes contributions with eternal impact


  • Get unstuck

  • Get out of your own way

  • Break unhealthy patterns

  • Gain self-knowledge and self-awareness


  • Transform your relationships

  • Improve communication

  • Reduce conflict

  • Create empathy

  • Be heard and understood


  • Discover your unique pathway of growth

  • Uncover the beautiful ways each type naturally reflects specific attributes of God in the world

What's the Enneagram?

The Enneagram is a personality typing system that identifies 9 types or ways we see and interpret the world. More than help us identify our strengths or personality type, it helps us understand the motivations behind why we do what we do. Most significantly, it reveals a specific pathway of growth unique to each of the 9 types.

Why a Gospel Perspective Matters.

We approach the Enneagram from a Biblical worldview. This means we remember that God alone has the power to do the long-lasting transformative work in our lives. He's with us in the journey of uncovering our true selves so we can live fruitful lives of meaning and purpose that bless others. The Enneagram is a helpful and powerful tool He can use to help get us there.

The Enneagram can help us navigate circumstances in all kinds of seasons. Whatever you've got going on, let's talk about how the Enneagram can help you keep your momentum and accomplish your goals. Whether you're new to the Enneagram or already familiar, we'll customize a coaching plan just for you.

"Kristi took the Enneagram from informational to personal. I learned so much about myself and my relationships with other people through our time together. I have already recommended Kristi to those who want to be the healthiest version of themselves.”

- Marcia, Los Angeles, CA 



I'm a Certified Enneagram Coach and identify as a Type Nine. I have a B.A. in Social Work and an M.A. in Theological Studies, which simply means I love God and love people! I've served in multiple areas of ministry, including missions & care pastoring, member care, communications, editing, and ghostwriting. My sweet Six husband and I live in the Midwest, and we’re empty nesters to four great kids.


When I stumbled onto the Enneagram years ago, I was intrigued and amazed by its incredible accuracy. God continues to use it in my own life to experience more wholeness and freedom as I make my way in the world, and I believe He can use it powerfully in your life too. We each have a unique God-given purpose, and with the help of the Enneagram, I'd love to help you discover how you can live out your purpose to your full potential.

Coaching with the Enneagram integrates areas of ministry I love. It’s relational, spiritual, and powerfully transformational when used well. I’d be honored to walk alongside you as you discover how God can use the Enneagram in your life to grow and transform you from the inside out.

"I was extremely skeptical of the Enneagram, but since it is discussed so heavily in my career as well as amongst friends, I knew I needed to invest in learning about it. Kristi's coaching has been life-changing. Her expertise, knowledge of the Enneagram, and deep care for me as a person have been transformational!"

- Carina, Billings, MT



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“Kristi relies on God to give her insight into others. This is very apparent, and he has gifted her. I was going through a difficult time in my life and doing Enneagram work has taught me many things about myself. ”

- Trish, Cushing, MN